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El Paso Sierra Club Photo by Rick LoBello

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Over the past two years the El Paso Sierra Club Group has collected nearly 20,000 letters and 5000 signatures on petitions asking Texas Parks and Wildlife Wildlife to support a plan to return the wolf to the wilds of Texas.  We believe that it is critical to the future of our ecosystem and the citizens of our state to preserve and protect all parts of the ecosystem.  We were happy to learn of the new Texas Parks and ‘Wildlife Foundation We Will Not Be Tamed campaign.  Bringing the wolf back to Texas will clearly demonstrate TPWD’s commitment to this important conservation initiative encouraging all Texans to get involved in conserving the wild things and wild places of our state.

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Return the Wolf to Texas Tool Kit

Download the letter we are sending to Texas Parks and Wildlife.  After making copies and collecting signatures you can send letters directly to Texas Parks and Wildlife in Austin, Texas or to the El Paso Sierra Club.   If you send them on your own please contact us and let us know how many you sent.   For more information contact any committee member.   You may also use any of the following fact sheets and graphics to support your efforts.

Letter to Texas Parks and Wildlife
Return the Wolf to Texas Briefing Statement 10.3.18
Sierra Club Letter to Carter Smith 8.19.18
Return Wolf to Texas graphic 3

Return Wolf to Texas graphic 2