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Current priority conservation efforts of the El Paso Group include:

Smart Goal 3
Leader – Laurence Gibson.  Glass Recycling for El Paso.  Get a glass processing machine for El Paso with several drop­ off sites for bottles and other glass.

Smart Goal 4
Leader Rick LoBello.  Return of the Wolf To Texas Educational Initiative.  The Sierra Club will help to put the return of the wolf to Texas back on the conservation radar screen in North America.

Smart Goal 6
Leader Jim Tolbert.  Prevent Future Quarrying Near McKelligon Canyon.  Boundaries between the State Park and the Cemex Quarry near McKelligon Canyon need to be surveyed.

Smart Goal 7
Leader Rick LoBello.  Help establish Big Bend Maderas Del Carmen International Biosphere Reserve.

Smart Goal 8
Leader Neysa Hardin.  Sierra Student Coalition of Americas High School.

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Contact Us

El Paso Group Executive Committee

Laurence Gibson, Chair
laurenceagibson@gmail.com 915-309-5419

Jim Tolbert, Vice Chair, Program Director
diegotolbert@gmail.com 915-525-7364

Neysa Hardin, Sierra Student Coalition Coordinator
nrhardin@yahoo.com 915-227-5154

Rick LoBello, Webmaster
ricklobello@gmail.com 915-474-1456

Liz Walsh
ewalsh@utep.edu 915-342-7630

John Walton
walton@utep.edu 915-539-5797

Volunteer Staff

Ann Falknor, Secretary
afalknor@sbcglobal.net 915-833-9162

Kathy Sunday, Treasurer
sundayt@zianet.com 915-584-9301


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