Virtual Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta planned for September 19

It’s going to be a very different Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta this year. Due to the surge in COVID-19 infections, fiesta planners have decided to offer a virtual fiesta as a precaution for the health and safety of our community.  The main goal of the event that was held 15 years in a row at Franklin Mountains State Park, has been to encourage people to connect with and appreciate the Chihuahuan Desert. This year’s 16th annual fiesta on Saturday, September 19th will be no different offering a variety of virtual educational experiences highlighting the flora and fauna of the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest and least known desert region in North America. 

Be sure to save the date and look for the schedule posted at   Presentations this year will include a virtual tour of the Zoo’s new Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit, two different opportunities to learn more about current efforts to save critically endangered Mexican wolves including an effort to return the wolf to Texas, presentations with live animals from the Chihuahuan Desert living at the El Paso Zoo and a special presentation by Pam Agullo, Mrs. Texas Earth, on the impact of people on the environment and wildlife.

Carmen white-tailed deer along the Lost Mine Trail, Big Bend National Park

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