Executive Committee Update

IMG_3346 (2)

IMG_3350 (2)
Above – A TV monitor in the El Paso Water Discovery Education Center at the El Paso Zoo loops several videos about the Mexican wolf with a scrolling message informing guests of El Paso Sierra Club efforts in Texas.


The El Paso Sierra Club Group Executive Committee met earlier this month and reviewed the status of some of our most important Smart Goals.   For questions about these goals contact anyone on our committee.  Volunteers to help with these goals are always needed.

SMART Goal #5 Sierra Student Coalition at Americas High School: Neysa Hardin was not present however; an update via e-mail reported that the students will help out at polling locations to assist with the Lost Dog campaign. Over the past months, in conjunction with a campaign of the Center for Biological Diversity, students collected over 800 letters to send to Trump to request the Mexican gray wolf and the Rocky Mountain gray wolf be maintained on the endangered species list.

SMART Goal #1 Blue Bin Contamination: no discussion      

SMART Goal #2 Return of the Wolf to Texas Educational Initiative: Rick LoBello reported greater than 20K petition letters have been signed.  The zoo has pledged $300 donation to Sierra Club for efforts toward reintroduction of the wolf to Texas.  There is a Chihuahuan Desert exhibit in the works for the zoo.   The KCOS digital video about the Mexican Wolf for the series “Only in El Paso” has brought more recognition to the reintroduction cause.

SMART Goal #4 El Paso Group t-shirts: Francesca Wigle reported a plan is in the works.

SMART Goal #3 Outdoor Leadership Training: This goal will be retired at this time.

New SMART Goals

Discussion of including a SMART goal to preserving undeveloped the area of the TIRZ12 which includes the Lost Dog Trail.

Discussion to reactivate the SMART goal to promote the US/MX International Park. Reference was made to the March 14 op-ed in the New York Times: Forget Trump’s Border Wall. Let’s Build F.D.R.’s International Park.



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