Lost Dog – City Council Tuesday

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by Don Baumgardt

There is work to still be done to save the Lost Dog Trail area!  On Tuesday, February 5th, El Paso City Council will take the next step in letting the voters decide.  We need supporters to come to that city council meeting at 9am to make sure things move forward.  Our goal is to see that city council puts this item on the ballot for the May election.  Please come out to let the mayor, council, city manager and staff know that we’re still active and organized.

The meeting starts at 9am.  We’re going to try to get this moved toward the beginning of the agenda so we hope to be out by the middle of the morning.


Sharon Miles-Bonart, Ph.D. says:

The agenda item is 24.1.
The meeting begins at 9 a.m., On February 5th City Council chambers.
They will discuss whether or not to put saving Lost Dog (our resolution generated by petition) on the May ballot.

Link to agenda:  Agenda Item for February 5

It appears as though Council will be discussing a bunch of different options for us, as the posting includes the following: resolution / ordinance / lease to do what / authorize the City Manager to do what.

It is important that we have lots of our supporters attend this meeting.
Sign up to speak: 

APPROVE a resolution/ ordinance/ lease to do what?   OR AUTHORIZE the City Manager to do what?

Be descriptive of what we want Council to approve. Include $ amount if applicable.
A Resolution ordering a Special Election in the City of El Paso for the submission of a measure to be held on May 4, 2019; making provisions for the conduct of the election; and authorizing a contract with the El Paso County to furnish election services and equipment.

The Proposition on the May special election ballot will permit the qualified voters of the City of El Paso to vote for or against the adoption of the above-quoted ordinance, which will be stated on the ballot substantially as follows:

City of El Paso Proposition A
Shall an ordinance be approved to preserve, for all time, the l,l07 acres owned by the City of El Paso and referred to as “Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Twelve” and to prohibit, for all time, any private development and any major public roadways on said I,I07 acres?
YES ()