Owl lady to speak February 27


El Paso’s Urban Biologist, Lois Balin of Texas Parks and Wildlife will be the Sierra Club speaker on February 27.  Her presentation entitled “Creating Habitat for Burrowing Owls in El Paso” will highlight all of her efforts to help one the area’s most amazing birds.  Her presentation will include the fascinating ecology of the Western Burrowing Owl and the research that has been done at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park in El Paso on monitoring and providing habitat for burrowing owls.

El Paso Group Sierra Club presents 2017-2018 Kevin von Finger Speakers Series. Named after the late Sierran and ecologist, Kevin von Finger, the series will include talks about Aquatic Life in the Huecos, Climate Change, Wolves, Recycling, Burrowing Owls, the role of utilities in renewable energy and sustainability and more. All talks will be given on the 4th Tuesday of each month from now through May. All talks begin at 7PM at the UTEP Centennial Museum, 500 W. University.

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