Smart Goal Update

The El Paso Sierra Club Group has five active smart goals at this time.   We hope to report on next steps and progress on these goals in a future blog post.   Smart Goals are:

Specific – The goal should be clearly understood by all stakeholders and the owner of the goal identified.
Measurable – How do we measure and how often.
Achievable – A statement explaining why we think the goal is achievable.
Realistic-Is the goal something that can realistically be achieved and are the resources needed clearly identified?
Timely – Specific Timelines including a description of how the goals are reviewed and how often.

Smart Goal 3
Leader – Laurence Gibson.  Glass Recycling for El Paso.  Get a glass processing machine for El Paso with several drop­ off sites for bottles and other glass.

Smart Goal 4
Leader Rick LoBello.  Return of the Wolf To Texas Educational Initiative.  The Sierra Club will help to put the return of the wolf to Texas back on the conservation radar screen in North America.

Smart Goal 6
Leader Jim Tolbert.  Prevent Future Quarrying Near McKelligon Canyon.  Boundaries between the State Park and the Cemex Quarry near McKelligon Canyon need to be surveyed.

Smart Goal 7
Leader Rick LoBello.  Help establish Big Bend Maderas Del Carmen International Biosphere Reserve.

Smart Goal 8
Leader Neysa Hardin.  Sierra Student Coalition of Americas High School.

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